Scandinavian Screening is THE market where purchasers from all over the world can screen the very latest, very best Nordic television programmes in all genres, both scripted and non-scripted, for adults as well as for children, developed and produced by Nordic production companies. 

Scandinavian Screening also offer its attendees co-production- and investment opportunities in Nordic content that has been commissioned but not yet produced. It is the foundation for a strong network and collaboration among Nordic distributors, industry professionals, buyers and investors in tv-content from all over the world.

Nordic film and television producers and distributors are proud to offer an alternative to the bigger, established sales fairs. We are pleased to invite all to a joint Nordic platform to market all our content, a forum for networking, sharing knowledge, and cultivating relations informally, with enough time for thorough deliberations and focus on great content.

It is a joint venture involving television broadcasters, professional organizations and Nordic distributors of content for television and other media, with the goal of making an international event which provides international broadcasters and thereby viewers from all over the world, access to the best films and television programmes from all the Nordic countries.

Scandinavian Screening takes place every second year. It started in 2010 and was based on the earlier Nordic Screening which was held every year from 1974 to 2001. RUV was the main host in 2017 when Scandinavian Screening was held at Harpa Music Centre in Reykjavik while YLE Sales was the main host in 2019 when it was held at the Helsinki Music Centre.

Scandinavian Screening invites an exclusive group of around 100 purchasers and investors from all over the world who will come to Copenhagen to meet the Nordic television industry, to watch the latest, very best films, programmes and formats, and to experience Nordic film and television culture in all its genres: documentaries, drama, nature programmes, arts programmes, music, children and youth programmes and formats, all on the Nordic home ground.

Scandinavian Screening will

  • strengthen the position of Nordic film and television abroad. Nordic is a brand that expresses quality, innovation and vision wherever film and television is discussed.
  • give the industry the necessary financial basis to continue to develop the best film and television programmes for Nordic television viewers.
  • ensure that the industry possesses the requisite knowledge of tendencies in the international market to be able to take action and to continue to maintain vital content exports.
  • ensure that Nordic distributors and organizations possess a powerful platform for cooperation and a forum that permits sharing of knowledge as well as the development of relations and networks.

Scandinavian Screening 2024 will take place at “Den Sorte Diamant”, an architectural marvel on Copenhagen’s waterfront, which offers a sophisticated setting for screenings, pitches, and networking. During the two days there will be pitching sessions featuring commissioned content yet to be produced. The sessions offer your company the opportunity to consider prebuying, co-producing, or investing in these projects.

DR Sales, NRK, RUV, SVT Sales and Yle Sales are the main organizers of  Scandinavian Screening. 

Please do not hesitate to contact: 

Scandinavian Screening Project Group

Lisbeth Esbensen, Project Manager Scandinavian Screening,, +4520464980

Andrea Oslev, Coordinator,  Scandinavian Screening,, +4553899192

Susanne Gwinner, Event Manager,, +4523341478

NRK Content:
Bente Sagplads, Head of International Programme Sales, E-mail:, Tel. +47 900 36 189 

Yle Sales:
Tuija Snellman, Business Development Manager, E-maill Mobile +358 40 830 7022 

DR Sales 
Pernille Munk Skydsgaard, Executive Director,  E-mail:, +4530490071

SVT Sales 
Paulette Rosas Hott, Head of Sales & Business Development Manager, Mobile +46 733 651151 

RUV International program sales and business development 
Birgir Sigfusson, Head of Media & Production, Tel.:+354 6935505